ערן קליך

Height: 1.76  Weight:72  Hair: dark brown  Eyes: Blue

IMDB : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4159105/


* Joshua Tree /The role of Mike , an American film .With Michael Madsen, Vincent Pastore and Steven Bauer / Dir: Kris Kardash

* Nils / Guest Star / Dir : Ram Nahari


* Acamol commercial / main Star / Channel 2,10, Israel

* Mario / Channel comedy series for kids / channel 6 Israel

* Five Men and a Wedding / Guest Star /Dir : Eran Kolirin

* Guy Pines / articles / channel 3


* super straika /The role of Jonson / Netanya stadium , Israel


Stage Center Acting Studio Tel Aviv with Ram Nahari, Esther Kling, Rani Sahar

"The Road" Givatayim with Eric Lubetzky

Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, NY

Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, Tel-Aviv

Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian,

Special Skills

Athlete, Krav Maga, Writing, Surfing, Dancing, Extreme amateur