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אושרת קוטלר

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Summary of Qualifications 

28 years experience in electronic journalism mainly as a TV anchor and news editor in Israel. Thousands of hours of TV anchoring including interviews with many of the world key political figures. 




2006 – 2019  Channel 10 News – Host & editor in charge of The Saturday Evening News Magazine

Editor& Director of special Documentary projects


2005-2006  Channel 2 T.V – "The secrets of the new Kabbalah"

Editor & Director of a three peace documentary following the renewal of Kabbalah studies in Israel from Tel Aviv to Beer Sheva, from Bnei Brak to the desert. Including the major and most problematic "kabballah center" of Rabi Berg the "Guru" of Madonna.  


1993 - 2004      Channel 2 News Company, Israel

·Anchor & Editor in Charge of “6 with Oshrat Kotler”, a daily news & interviews program.


·Anchor & Editor of “The Friday Night Studio”, a weekly news summary covering the main events of the week.


·Anchor& Editor of “Meet the Press”, a weekly one-on-one interviews program with the main figure of the week. Interviews with major world political figures such as Benjamin Netanyahu, late PM Rabin, PM Sharon, President Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat, Prince Hasan of Jordan, President Mubarak of Egypt, former American Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, the French President Jacques Chirac, Israel's Foreign Minister Shimon Peres , late Hamas leader Ahmad Yassin, Former NY Mayor Rudy Juliany and current NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg & others.


·News Editor & Anchor of daily news bulletins.


·Special correspondence for short news documentaries.


1991 –1992 Channel 2 trial broadcasts         

  • Production Supervisor.

  • Technical Editing & Programming

  • Foreign News Desk Editor.


1991 – 1992 “Gvanim” Cable network          

  • Anchor & Editor of local daily news bulletins                            


Education  BA Political Sciences (Cum Laude), Tel Aviv University



Publications  "A way Out" – A Documentary

Novel published in Israel on June 2006    

 Describing life in Israel during the second Palestinian Intifada and

 The personal journey of the Author, from Daily news anchoring to Philosophy studies, as a way to keep living in Israel despite Its problems.


"IJA MIA" – a best seller novel published in 2009, telling the story of one immigrant family in Israel during the beginning of the 20th century


Love Passion Marriage, the dialectics of love – A psychological/ Philosophical novel published on 2016                                                                     


Prizes -  "The honorable journalist in the Israeli media" 1998

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